Meet Our Curiosity Crawlers

MCYU Curiosity Crawl. A day to Question, Discover, Create

Every year, MCYU holds an event called Curiosity Crawl where kids can attend engaging and interactive workshops in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. These workshops are designed and facilitated by highly trained McMaster University Students who through their workshops, encourage children, youth and families to question the world around them, discover their own potential, and create a brighter future. On Sunday, March 3rd, 250 kids and their families crawled around Burke Science building on the McMaster campus. They had the opportunity to attend 3 out of 12 workshops that ran simultaneously for 3 hours. Over this time we witnessed many questions, creative problem solving, collaboration and inventive ideas for the future. And that, is Curiosity Crawl!


Meet The Kids and Parents

The last workshop we went to was Beehind the Mystery. We learned why the bees are going extinct, where are the bees going, and how are they disappearing. We get a clear understanding of what’s happening.” – Youth from Wesley

“Curiosity Crawl is really educational. We went last year and it was really good. I like the variety of programs they have.” – Munia


Avali(Left) and Mary(Right)

“We come to MCYU programs so my daughter gets the bug in her that education is important. It instills it in her early. We’ve come to every Curiosity Crawl.” – Mary

“When I come here, it’s like I learn something new every time. In Beehind the Mystery, I learned why bees are disappearing. It’s probably because of the air pollution and chemicals that people sometimes spray on the plants to keep insects away.” – Avali


Yousef(Right) and his dad(Left)

“We come to MCYU programs because the topics and activities are interesting for families. It’s beneficial for us, as the parents and for our kids to learn about things going on today. Something fun we did together was the water filtration. We got some clean water, we got some charcoal, some stone, some rocks, and we got clean water.” – Yousef’s dad

Making the water filter




“I come to these programs because you get to learn new things that you’ve never really known about. In my second workshop, Backyard Biodiversity, we made an ecosystem. A person I look up to is my aunt. She has so many degrees and that inspires me to become a doctor one day. I would for sure come back next year to Curiosity Crawl. I really enjoyed this.” – Margaret


MCYU would like to thank all the families for attending and all the facilitators and volunteers who helped make this event a success!

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