Lectures will be held in a lecture hall on-campus.  


We strive to reserve the larger lecture hall in MDCL, however on occasion it is unavailable. Therefore, we are required to fluctuate between two different room locations:


  • Michael DeGroote Centre for Learning: Room MDCL-1305  
  • Ewart Angus Centre (inside the Health Science Centre): Room HSC-1A1


Lecture location will be listed on your ticket (received when registering), however please review reminder email that will be sent a few days prior to the lecture.  On occasion, we are able to secure the larger lecture hall after registration has opened, which means that the room on your ticket may have  changed since you have registered.


Both rooms that are used for MCYU lectures are close together on campus, and we have provided maps below for your convenience.




Campus map edited for web mdcl-1305

Campus map edited Ewart Angus Centre


If you have any questions or are interested in
having MCYU at a place near you, feel free to
contact us


MCYU - McMaster Children & Youth University