MCYU Curiosity Crawl

MCYU CURIOSITY CRAWL – A Day to Question, Discover, Create – Saturday, March 3, 2018



How many emotions do we feel in one day? How do you make dirty water drinkable? How does one create the perfect zombie virus?


Explore these questions and more at MCYU’s CURIOSITY CRAWL – A Day to Question, Discover, and Create!


Choose your own adventure with up to 15 interactive workshops guaranteed to spark your curiosity! A fun event for the whole family! Workshops geared towards ages 7-14.



*NEW THIS YEAR* Education Information Sessions for Parents






Check In: 10am -10:50am


Session One: 11am – 12pm


LUNCH: 12pm – 1pm (Free pizza lunch will be provided. We encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle)


Session Two: 1pm – 2pm


Session Three: 2pm – 3pm





McMaster University
Burke Science Building
Main Campus
1280 Main St W
Hamilton ON  L8S 4L8


(See maps below):


Map of Burke Science Building


Map of Campus & Parking










1. Advocacy Avengers: Use your voice to empower your community! Learn how to listen and how to make your voice heard!


2. Beat the Bug: We have a sick patient! Be a physician for a day and help your patient get better and stay better!


3. Community Builders: Be a community builder, enter a world where anything is possible … but everything has a cost. Get ready to make tough decisions, compromise, and get creative!


4. Contagion: Explore how viruses successfully spread disease and design the ultimate zombie virus that could cause the next pandemic!


5. Emotions in Motion: How many different emotions do you feel in one day? Discover ways to handle all of these emotions through interactive activities!


6. Food Facts or Fake News?: Do commercials and packaging tell us the whole truth about what we’re eating? Learn how to look beyond the flashy advertisements and get the facts about what you eat!


7. How to Clean Water Like a Boss!: How do we get clean tap water? Discover how by creating your own water filtering system!


8. Respiratory Rescue: What does smoking do to the lungs? Be a health scientist for a day and discover the way lungs work and how smoking changes everything!


9. Space Food Odyssey: “Our team of astronauts are stranded on Mars!” Be a food scientist for a day and find out how to use nutritional labels to create a menu that will help our astronauts survive!


10. Stress Busters: Are you stressed out? Explore what stresses us out and discover ways to manage it. Time to chill out!


11. The Right Price: Why do things cost what they do? Water is very important for human survival but diamonds are not. Why does a diamond cost thousands of dollars while a bottle of water is only $1? Be an economist for a day to discover the answers.


12. Trash Bashers: How can you make a big difference on the environment? Discover how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!


13. U-Planet: ATTENTION: A new planet has just been discovered! The MCYU Space Cadets program is recruiting youth to travel into space to design its cities, machines, animals, and plants!


14: Water You Talking About: How much of earth’s water is too polluted to drink? Get ready to get dirty while we explore how to keep our planet’s most valuable natural resource safe!


15. Backyard Biodiversity: Be a biologist for a day and explore the diversity of nature in your backyard by building your very own ecosystem!






For more info:

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Phone: 905-521-2100 Ext. 73790



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