Develop your ability to turn complex concepts into engaging and interesting educational material and enhance your communication skills through hands-on learning by becoming an MCYU in the City facilitator.


This school year long volunteer opportunity allows for the development of excellent leadership, project management, communication and teaching skills.


MCYU in the City facilitators work in interdisciplinary teams of 4-6 students to develop an engaging, hands-on-workshop targeted to community youth aged 7-14 and their families. Facilitators have the opportunity to network, not only with faculty, but members of various community groups, schools and city officials.


Fall Term-Workshop Design


MCYU in the City facilitators receive comprehensive training and coaching during the fall semester. The training program includes sessions over two Saturdays in September that cover community engagement principles and inquiry based lesson plan development. Facilitators receive mentoring from MCYU staff and subject experts as they design their workshops. Workshop rehearsals are held during October and November where teams are provided with constructive feedback. 


Winter Term-Workshop Delivery


MCYU in the City facilitators deliver workshops to youth and their families and public libraries, after school programs and public schools. Each team is expected to deliver a minimum of 7 workshops over the course of the year January to May. 


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